The Key to Consistent Sales

I love the ocean! I love the Great Lakes! I remember spending the summer days of my childhood picking up shells and playing in the waves of Lake Huron. Even to this day, I can’t say which I like most, the ebb or the flow.

During the ebb, we can see so much more of the ocean floor or lake bottom, and that usually means great discoveries: shells, driftwood, etc. But during the flow of high tide, there’s the thrill of the waves!

Such is sales. In slow times, you have the opportunity to closely examine your strategies, try something new, and maybe find a treasure or two. During high tide, everything is so exciting! Sales are rolling in so fast you can barely catch your breath before the next wave crashes in!

Think instead of resting peacefully by a gentle brook. No crazy ups and downs, just constant movement that we enjoy and can handle gracefully.  That’s what we should strive for in sales.

The key to achieving a constant flow of sales is all about scheduling and remaining disciplined.

On Monday, plan the week. Schedule all calls. Make all appointments. Do all research. Complete all admin work. No water cooler chat, no lolly gagging. Monday is a nose-to-the-grindstone day.

On Tuesday morning, finish up any remaining calls to cement appointments, usually for the following week.

Starting Tuesday afternoon and lasting through Thursday afternoon, you should be in appointments. You should be pounding that pavement! Along the way, you should make a pile of work to process: the orders you receive, the proposals that have been requested, etc.

Friday is your day to process all the work you’ve done that week. Then, create a list of contacts to work on. This list should be ongoing and never-ending; it’s integral to success that following Monday.

My advice to you is to swim in the ocean and visit the Great Lakes (My favorites are Lake Huron and Lake Michigan!), but run your sales world like a gentle brook and see what happens!