Sales people should keep track.  We should set goals, we should measure, we should monitor, we should do a specific number of activities to attain our goals.

If you want “stratospheric success” you should not keep track. You should not keep track of giving.

I know a person who strives to begin each day by giving a referral.  She is stratospheric-ally successful.  She believes in other people and their businesses and genuinely enjoys sharing those professionals with others.  She does all of the traditional things a sales person should do but she begins always with giving.

It has been many years since I first read The Go-Giver by Bob Burg and John David Mann.  And, I have read it again several times.  It was when I read this book that I learned what is important to me.  It was this book that outlined in great detail how I sell.  I have since read the sequels: The Go-Giver Sells More and The Go–Giver Leader.

Now I share this book with people as often as I can.  Anytime I think a professional gift is in order, I give them the book.  Anytime I hire employees, I give them the book.  When anyone in my family is considering a sales or marketing job, I give them the book.  It is the best way I can help someone learn how to give their way to success.

The Go-Giver will teach you the 5 laws of Stratospheric Success.  And, it makes so much sense and is pretty easy to do.  The laws are shared in an easy to read, enjoyable story line that you can read quickly.   I am not going to share any of the books details, I do however suggest, that if you are going to buy the book, buy several because you will not be able to give the one you buy for yourself to anyone… And you will want your friends and co-workers to read it too!