Every great sales person reads to learn.

Every great sales person needs a team of customer service people who support the sale after the sale is made.  It is important for me to share with you the level of customer service I feel is acceptable and where to find the information about customer service.

The gold standard of customer service comes from a company called Nordstrom’s.  If you have not heard of them please google away and find the nearest one to you and go to the store and experience the service.  And, if you can, buy something.

The book I share with you is called “The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence”.  Written by Robert Spector, it weaves stories of customer service opportunities that are great successes.  Mr. Spector shares how the employees at Nordstrom’s build relationships, go the extra mile, solve problems for clients, and create a family of loyalty – both employees and clients – to the company.

9788126536467Find it on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/The-Nordstrom-Customer-Service-Excellence/dp/1118076672

While sharing these triumphs, you will also be trained on simple techniques.  One of the stories you will hear is how the employees are trained to uncover the shoppers name.  Once they learn the name of the shopper they are taught to use it over and over to build familiarity with that shopper.  This process builds trust.  It is simple and it works.

Another story will share how simple things that are done by employees are truly the extra mile type behaviors.  One such story tells of a shopper buying a shirt and tie for an event.  The employee asked the shopper if they had 15 extra minutes, sharing that they would like to prepare the shirt.  While the shopper looked around a bit more the employee ironed the shirt so it was ready to wear to the event.  A small step but as it turned out this was a huge step for this shopper as they didn’t have time or tools to do it themselves.  Simple, rarely thought of behaviors create loyal clients.  Nordstrom teaches these things.

One of my favorite teachings of Nordstrom and shared by Robert Spector is that “we are all in the customer service department.”  Truer words have not been shared or written.  If we are not serving then what are we doing?

The Nordstrom Way to Customer Service Excellence is how I feel we should treat clients.  Thank you Robert Spector and thank you Nordstrom for teaching us how to do it right!

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