Wisdom from a friend.

My grandma (maternal) died when I was 16.  Even though she had 18 grandchildren, she made me feel special, she made me feel like her heart had plenty of room for all of us.  My grandma knew my favorite color was pink and she always presented me with pink items, handmade from her heart.  She meticulously kept track of all the favorites of her grandchildren so she could delight us.  I loved that woman.

My aunt, (moms only sister) died when I was 34.  Even though she had 10 children, she always made me and my children feel special, she made me feel like her heart had plenty of room for all of us.   My aunt lived on a farm and welcomed me and my children to the farm all the time.  We picked beans and tomatoes and she always had a fun item for my son – like the skull of a farm animal.  I loved that woman.

My dear friend Nellie died this past week.  She allowed me the privilege to preview her book, “Wisdom from the Cup.”  She gave me one of the first copies and inscribed a message inside: “Remember to savor every sip of life.”  Nellie had a way of wrapping her heart around everyone she met.  Her magnetic personality drew you into her joy of life and it was easy to lose hours at a time visiting with Nellie about life and life experiences.  I loved that woman and I am going to miss her dearly.

Nellie had something in common with everyone, probably many things.  She had a way of wrapping her heart around you and making you feel like the relationship you had with her was so incredibly special.  I thought I would share some of our commonalities and things we did not have in common so you might enjoy her wonderful personality too.

Nellie was born on September 10th, I was married on September 10th.

Nellie and her son had a special love for Phantom of the Opera, my son and I have a special love for Phantom of the Opera.

Nellie lives in 2 states, I have homes in 2 states. (Nellie was much better at living in the 2 states than I was.)

Nellie loves the water.  A Michigander from the Great Lakes state, I love the water.

Nellie lived on sail boats part time, I live on a power boat part time.

Nellie enjoyed entrepreneurial activities, I enjoy entrepreneurial activities.

Nellie and I both loved to write and although she was published many times, I plan to be published too.

Nellie’s husband and my husband both love motors – boats and car motors.

Nellie and I often uncovered things that we had in common but we also had great laughs about the things we did that were completely opposite of one another.

Nellie traveled internationally to serve the world, I serve in the community I live in.  (They both need to be served.)

Nellie learned to sail without her husband, I went to sailing school with my husband.  (That is probably the reason we have a power boat.)

Nellie is an only child, I am in the middle of 8.

With all of our commonalities, nothing brought us together more than discussions about our cup collecting.  I had the opportunity to see Nellie’s’ collection, she wins.  She has way more cups than I do, but we bought them for the same reasons – we love coffee and we enjoyed savoring the experiences from where the cup originated.

I met Nellie when we worked on the Chamber of Commerce membership committee together.  And, not only was Nellie genius with her advice to small businesses, she was a presenter on how to take advantage of all the benefits the Chamber had to offer.  I also had the joy of watching Nellie win a “pitch” competition for her business endeavor at the time.  Nellie created a business for care givers of medical patients.  Through all of this I learned that Nellie was a phenomenal relationship builder.  She had relationships all over the world and they were not acquaintances, they were strong, lasting, deep, love filled friendships.  She was just amazing.

My blog is about sales, but throughout my career all of my sales have come from trusted relationships.  People do business with people they trust and enjoy being around.  My grandma, my aunt and my dear friend Nellie all knew how to build trust and sincere relationships with many people.  I miss them, but I know they continue to wrap their hearts around me and so many others.

Thank you, Nellie, for your friendship, your humanitarian service, and your wisdom – I will do my very best to savor every sip of life.

You can find Nellie’s book – https://www.amazon.com/Wisdom-Cup-Nellie-Symm-Gruender-2015-07-20/dp/B01FKTCMQA

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