It’s Arithmetic!

The photo you see in this blog was sent to us from a friend, which tells us that the probability of many others getting a look at the image was a real possibility.  The fun and confident way he wore the hat is what could have encouraged the photographer into taking the photo.  The reality is not the perception and that is the whole point.  Or maybe the point is that he showed up, he joined in, and with a little luck he was afforded an opportunity.  I believe that is one of the secrets to being a successful salesperson.

The reality is that an award was bestowed on me this year.  It was a contest for the town I live in called “Top of the Town”, a voting contest by the readership of a local business magazine – Columbia Business Times.

At the award celebration the winners were given a Top Hat, a very cool Top Hat.

It was a warm day and I was of course worried about my hair looking good for photos so I sparingly wore the hat, and attempting to be a bit humble, I laid the hat on the table we were hanging around.  That was when opportunity struck and my son in law picked it up and placed it on his head.  It looked good.  It fit well. He was meant to be a winner!

Successful sales people show up, join in and take the opportunity to put the hat on.  It is arithmetic!  Preparedness + opportunity + a dash of luck = Success.

Preparedness:  New business comes from meeting new people, so you have to show up to events, meetings and conferences.

Opportunity:  New business comes from engaging in activities (parties to volunteering)  and being open to participating in growth experiences such as trainings (maybe even role playing.)

Dash of Luck:  Should someone with a need, or someone who knows of someone with a need, present them-self to you,  and you are the person who can meet that need, that  = SUCCESS!

Bryan, my son in law, practiced a little arithmetic at the Top of the Town celebration.  He enjoyed a little success by getting his photo in the magazine’s online gallery.  And, he looked good!



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