Who brings you lilacs?


My sweet husband brings me lilacs that he has swiftly snatched from someone else’s bush, hopefully from public property!  He knows the joy they bring me… there is little else that can compare with the joy of the smell of lilacs.  (Maybe snuggling with my little Sophia Jayne.) (It is lilac season in Michigan!)

I share this because in Sales we get a lot of “no’s.”  We also get a lot of “not now’s, maybe later, I don’t think so, sorry, and, yes’s that are not really yes’s.”  Every job has negative with it, but if you are a sales person, you often have to make your own positive.  Thus the lilacs.

Great Sales people have support systems that work for them.  Maybe it is a circle of friends, maybe it is a spouse, siblings… whatever yours looks like, it is important that you have a support system.  My support happens to be my husband, but I might be the kind of person who requires lots of levels of support (snickers from my family.)  I’ve learned that in the business of sales you might need a pick me up more often than people are willing to “pick you up,” therefore you need more people on the call list.

Loving support – husband

Late night snack support, what clothing not to buy and endless prayer support – daughter

Carry my stuff and tell me I look skinny support – son

Ugga Mugga support – grand daughter

Can you believe they did this? – support – co workers

Another “no” support – fundraising friend

Made the sale support – should be all of above, but is my Blue Cheese Olive Stuffed Martini Friend

Healthy choices – husband, running buddies

Inspiration – daughter, mom, church life

The sky is falling support – sisters

I need a new job support – wonderful friends

Too tired to eat – fixes my dinner friend

I will never leave your side support – furry best friends


You see, it’s not just the lilacs.  In the moment that you need a smile, a hug, a friend…they are there.  It is important to have support and to have people in your life who support you.  When you find them, hold on fiercely because when the ship feels like it is sinking they will bring you lilacs.


Thank you friends and family, I love you.

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