Bounce Rejection!

Recently a friend shared that when contemplating asking someone for their business she physically begins to tremble, move backward away from the idea, she gets a lump in her throat and her stomach begins to roll. All of these things happen, she knows, because they might say “no.” My friend knows she is good at what she does, she is certain she has talent, she believes in her product and service and she knows her product or service would add value to the person she is asking. It isn’t any of those things. It is the silence that comes with the “no,” it is the idea of the next time they are in a social setting and how they will adjust to the “no,” it is the simple reality that they don’t find the same value in her product and service as she does.

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We can reason all of these feelings away and suggest that anyone can learn to get over these feelings and make the ask anyway. Sure, anyone can learn a skill. But can they excel at it? Can they be remarkable at it? Can they do it with such joy and glee that it seems effortless? Can anyone sell? Sure. But if it doesn’t make you feel good maybe you should find another way, maybe.

Rejection comes in all forms. Whether it is personal or a business rejection, it is never fun. Or is it?
I remember a couple of guys in high school that I really liked, I probably acted like a complete fool around them. You know the ending of the story since my husband is 6 years older than me, those guys did not like me back. It was personal. But I look back on high school with great fondness, even if those boys didn’t like me!
Rejection in the business world might be easier than in the personal world, we all know that changing jobs is not nearly as big of a deal than getting a divorce… but rejection is hard and hurtful no matter the instance.
Rejection in your business life is simply a disagreement of how a company moves forward. If you are offering your products or services to a company and they say “no thank you”, it just means they have another plan, it may not be a good time, they may have loyalties to someone else or they might not think your product and service will add enough value at this moment for the company. Very seldom is it personal – and then you don’t want to work with them anyway… people who run companies on personal whims can never be trusted.
In all situations – MOVE ON!

When someone serves me up a good dose of rejection I always leave the door open for their ultimate purchase of my product or service. They may come around, uncover a need, change the company direction. They may have a change in management, they may change to another company – we never know. I enjoy filling the silence after a “no” with “can we stay in touch?” Never has anyone rejected that question. And over the years, many, many times, they have said “yes” at another time.

Maybe YOU should not deal with rejection. Maybe YOU should do what you are good at and let the professional salesperson deal with rejection. Hire a salesperson.
Perhaps the better way for you to build your business is to build referral sources who believe in you. Perhaps trading referrals is a better way. Many people will share their friend’s greatness before they will share their own… fine, do it that way – build a referral team.
Maybe you believe you can generate business via a strong media presence. Remember people trust people not buildings and products. Make sure your message is about you and trust. It can work.

Rejection is not easy, rejection hurts. Understanding rejection and dealing with rejection allows you to wear the ultimate rubber suit and when you understand rejection then you just bounce to the next opportunity and in a very positive way!

Have you heard of Tigger? T I double “GA” ER. Well “Tiggers are wonderful fellas, Tiggers are wonderful things. Their tops are made out of rubber and their bottoms are made out of springs.” Simply put – Tiggers bounce and they are fun. Great salespeople are like Tiggers. If you don’t see yourself as a Tigger, then figure out how to add a Tigger into your world, I think you will be glad you did.

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