Ding Dong Avon Calling

Recently someone asked me “how do I get a friend to support my business?” Very good question. It is interesting how awkward we feel sharing something we love and are passionate about, something we know is a good product, we even are 100% confident they like the product or will like the product. But, because we will benefit from it, we pause. This conflict is so confusing to me. We have no problem sharing a product at the grocery store that we love, we have no conflict referring a service that did a great job for us and we have absolutely no problem giving the shirt off our back but we pause when it is something that involves our benefit of money.

I am going to convince you to break out of that mindset, be bold and certain of your amazing product and talent.

Her name is Gerry. Gerry was my mom’s Avon lady. Think about my mom’s life – 8 kids, Girl Scout leader, Catechism teacher, wife, gardener – that provided our food, oh and did I mention she worked at the local Post Office and later became the Postmaster! When Gerry rang that doorbell…are you kidding me, we didn’t have a doorbell, my mom was ecstatic if we closed the door…stopped by with all her “Skin So Soft fragrances and lotions, my mom and her seven (7!) daughters went into Potion heaven! We collected the elegant lady bottles of perfume (I remember my dad made a special shelf for those little ladies), we spent an hour choosing the .39 cent lip balm we each were going to get as if it were golden honey for our lips! Oh Gerry the joy you brought to our life!

Not once did I think of Gerry’s paycheck while I tested lip balm and sprayed samples of perfume all over my body! Not once.

As a Sales Director with The Pampered Chef, I had the absolute best clients in the whole wide universe! A favorite family of mine was: Jan, Becky, Darlene, Jeanie and Jeanie! One day I asked Jan, why do you keep hosting Pampered Chef parties, you have everything? She shared that she loves to cook, she loves to have friends over, she loves the product and she loved me! I was her Gerry! That was the day I ditched the worry of making money selling stuff to my friends and understood that if I was a good friend back to them, then I would give my friends the opportunity to have the great stuff I was pedaling, I understood that if I did not offer my awesome stuff to them, I wasn’t much of a true friend.

Do you know to this day the best way to keep a mosquito from biting me is to slather my body with Skin So Soft? Do you know that to this day the best way to cook a pizza or make tater tots (you know you love them) is on a Pampered Chef Stone? And how does anyone make salsa, can jarred stewed tomatoes without the Food Chopper? Seriously if you don’t use this stuff, dial me up and I will connect you with my Avon lady and my Pampered Chef lady because I am a true friend who believes in making money selling something great!

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