Repeatable Sales Process

Welcome to the second part of a three-part blog series.  You may recall the first part, Simple Sales Processes. If you did not have a chance to read it, this blog will make more sense if you take a moment and review that one before you continue.


Simple, Repeatable, and Trainable sales processes are the key to a successful sales person.  Once you decide on the process that works for you, it is imperative that you practice it, have it memorized like a theater production and even simulate all of the variables that could happen.  Let me share with you a simple scenario of a REPEATABLE process that I think will prove my point.

Trash Collection. In my family, my brother was responsible for trash. Every week on the eve of trash day my brother would haul the trash out to the road. My husband does the same thing now. We all know what day this happens and what time of day the trucks come rolling down the street. We also know if we need to separate the recyclables from the other trash. We know what containers each belong in. We even know the contingency plan for holidays, when pickup is usually delayed one day. Trash collection is a repeatable process that everyone knows. Our children can teach this process and that means it is easily trainable.

Zig Ziglar has a wonderful quote: “Motivation gets you going and habit gets you there.”  Mr. Ziglar is saying if you want success you must repeat over and over until what you are doing is rote; it’s just what you do.

The simple process you use must be repeated so you, your coworkers, your clients and your prospects know what to expect from you. Let’s take a look at each:

YOU – If you are not well practiced with your processes you will blunder while attempting a sale and you will lose confidence. If you are well practiced in your processes you will exude confidence, you will smile with assurance and you will listen with complete understanding. You will know that success is coming your way.

YOUR COWORKERS – If you are not well practiced with your processes and if you have not trained your coworkers, then you, and they, will blunder while attempting a sale and you both will lose confidence. If you are the sales person, they are relying on you to get the deal done. They are ready to support the new client, but they need you to get the deal done first.

YOUR CLIENTS – If you are not well practiced in your process then the promise of the sale will not be exactly the same every time and each of your clients will have heard a different deal. Typically, part of a sale will be sharing the promise of delivery and the promise of the product benefits. The delivery of those promises must always be the same, it must be repeatable. (Think of trash collection, the client knows exactly what is going to happen.)

PROSPECTS – Many times you get a chance with a prospect because they “heard” your visit will be valuable. Many times a prospect sits through a sales meeting, expecting an ask and it never comes. Many times a prospect is an accomplished sales person and if you don’t put forward a decent sale they know it. Prospects know what a sale looks like even if they are not sales people.

Let me share an idea of how to begin repeating a process: Answering the phone. Perhaps you are the only person that answers your phone or perhaps many people answer the phone. Every call should be answered the same way. Every transfer should be shared the same way. If a call is being put to voicemail it should be declared to the caller the same way. When the call is transferred it should be answered the same way. Perhaps this seems simple, but believe me people don’t know how to answer a phone the way a sales person promised it would be answered. Most questions by callers should have the same answers. This is a simple sales process that should be repeated into a habit by all.

Review your sales processes and start making them repeatable. Your reward will be more sales!

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