Stop Procrastinating Today, Not Tomorrow!

Procrastination: to defer action; delay: to wait until an opportunity is lost.

Have you ever assigned someone a task only to have them ask so many questions about the task that you could have done it three times yourself in the time it took to answer their questions?

“I didn’t want to do it wrong,” that person might say. And I’ll know. I have a person on my hands who is paralyzed to take action. Remember the saying, “Something is better than nothing”?

Do the hard stuff first.

That has always been my philosophy. Do the things you dislike, the things you know you don’t do well, or simply those that you think won’t work even though you’re expected to do them anyway. Do that list first.

I know people who claim to be outstanding salespeople, but will not pick up the phone. My response? I usually make my joke about the phone’s electric current slowly killing them if they make a few sales calls (in jest, of course!).  I know people who have not gotten paid because they dislike completing reports so much that they put them off and miss the deadline to be paid! I know sales people who have refused to do activities that are required for their job because they didn’t think it would work.

All of that is crazy!

You can accomplish all of the above items in the first four hours of work on a Monday and have 4.5 days left to do your job how you like!

All I ask of you is to start doing the hard things first. Start today.

Take the first step. Make the list of hard things you have put off, tried to forget, or just plain ignored.

Tomorrow morning, dedicate between two and four hours to that list, and then set it aside to do the things you excel at and enjoy! Your day will be more productive, you’ll feel happier and you will have the greatest sense of accomplishment.

Repeat the activity the following day, and repeat. Soon your awful list will only require one hour or less each day and your happy activities will make up most of your day.

Great sales people do not procrastinate.  Great sales people are disciplined. I’ll leave you with a quote from the diary of Anne Frank.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”

And so it is with each of us. We can start improving our own world right now!

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